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I found myself doing more time selling than writing, so I've decided to return to writing exclusively. You can always find my books on Amazon. The last two, Bringer of Justice and The Last Holey Man, are still available. If you wish to contact me, use this address - vcangell (dot) gmail (dot) com. Thanks and keep reading.

Interesting Websites

If you are a fan of archaeology like I am, you will enjoy this website.

I've been using this software more and more often. All the text for this website has been produced using it, and I'm doing the writing of the novel with it too. I had earlier versions which were not as good as this one. This one is much improved and it continues to learn as you use it. It makes fewer and fewer mistakes as it learns my voice. If I am careful, I find it is correct well into the high 90% zone. You can also control the browser and other features on the computer, but I have not tried them. It does offer a bit of humor. One of my two cats went to jump up into my lap and landed a bit short and used his claws to make it the rest of the way. The software did an excellent job recording my scream and comments. [Grin]

A quote about writing

"I try to leave out the parts that people skip."

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