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As you noticed, the website has gone to the short mode once again. I am currently working on a larger project, and when that happens, I have very little time to keep the website updated. I've added a couple of columns. The interesting sites column are just interesting places I run across that you might like to look at too. My newest fantasy novel, Bringer of Justice, is now live. It is available on Amazon.


I received a very nice email yesterday a woman who had just finished reading Bringer of Justice. I asked if I could use her comments. She said I could if she could remain anonymous.

Below are her comments. "I loved your novel but I hate you because you made me cry. Kee and Vir were so real to me. Ailis was so real to me that I could not hate her. She could be so loving as well as vengeful. Oona made me laugh when she teased Vir. A hero who would blush…"

She went on to explain that she had read it on her Kindle and the battery ran out just before the end of the novel and she had to wait overnight before she could finish it. I should orient you about the characters she mentioned. Vir is the hero and Kee is his love interest. Ailis is one of the villains of the novel. Oona is a female character who constantly teases Vir with innuendo making him blush. With the lack of success so far in the crowdfunding area, her comments restored my faith in my ability to write fiction. It seems to prove that I have no marketing skill - grin!

I have been asked about the photo at the top of the website. People wanted to see the whole photo I used to make the website, so I have included it.

I had a couple requests for my email address. It is below in a form. There is also a sample of The Bringer of Justice available. It is in PDF format so it won't work with some phones, but I have no idea how to make it phone friendly, Click here for it.

Interesting Websites

If you are a fan of archaeology like I am, you will enjoy this website.

I've been using this software more and more often. All the text for this website has been produced using it, and I'm doing the writing of the novel with it too. I had earlier versions which were not as good as this one. This one is much improved and it continues to learn as you use it. It makes fewer and fewer mistakes as it learns my voice. If I am careful, I find it is correct well into the high 90% zone. You can also control the browser and other features on the computer, but I have not tried them. It does offer a bit of humor. One of my two cats went to jump up into my lap and landed a bit short and used his claws to make it the rest of the way. The software did an excellent job recording my scream and comments. [Grin]

A quote about writing

"I try to leave out the parts that people skip."

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