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I found myself doing more time selling than writing, so I've decided to return to writing exclusively. You can always find my books on Amazon. The last two, Bringer of Justice and The Last Holey Man, are still available. I will soon be adding a blog about my work. Please look for it. Thanks and keep reading.

A quote about writing

"I try to leave out the parts that people skip."

Read along as I write my next novel!

Check out a great new blog about the novel. The company hosting the blog/website lost it. I do not know when I will get a chance to build another one.

It is a mystery novel set in the middle of the 1960s in northern Minnesota. I will be posting chapters in it as I complete them. I am posting the chapters in PDF format to make them accessible to all of you. The list is below along with the dates they were published. Simply click on the chapter you want and it will come to your computer. Please enjoy yourself and if you have any comments I would sure love to hear them. Thanks.

Chapter-one published August 28, 2016

Chapter-two published September 17, 2016

Chapter-three published October 10, 2016

Chapter-four published November 4, 2016

Chapter-five published December 10, 2016

Chapter-six published January 14, 2017

Chapter-seven published February 18, 2017

Chapter-eight published March 21, 2017

Chapter-nine published April 24, 2017

Chapter-ten published May 22, 2017

Chapter-eleven published June 28, 2017

Chapter-twelve published July 28, 2017

Chapter-thirteen published November 9, 2017

Chapter-fourteen published December 3, 2017

Chapter-fifteen published December 22, 2017

Chapter-sixteen published January 22, 2018